The Inconsolable Longing

Something is missing. I’m speaking of that feeling that remains long after we have found what we wanted for so long; or after we have achieved that which have we worked so hard for. After a while, we realise that it just wasn’t enough. We want more, or we want something else, we want toContinue reading “The Inconsolable Longing”

Depression and Meaning

Why do some people carry on happily with life? Why do others cease to bother? I note that some remain unhappy even though they have stopped doing anything and others remain energetic even though they are busy and tired. I do believe that the development of psychiatric illnesses, such as major depressive disorder, is closelyContinue reading “Depression and Meaning”

Mental illness affects people who suffer from bleeding disorders

During 2018 and 2019 I conducted research with fellow colleagues at the university of the Free State as part of the academic prerequisites for obtaining a masters degree in psychiatry. We simply evaluated all available patients with haemophilia, or other inherited bleeding disorders, with the help of standardised evaluation forms and conducted physical examinations asContinue reading “Mental illness affects people who suffer from bleeding disorders”

Why are you so right?

I just walked past two children playing cricket on the lush grass-field along the lagoon where I am currently living. I was somewhat surprised when the two sisters spoke to each other in fluent Afrikaans, because they were black – unlike their parents (obviously adopters) who were stereotypical afrikaners, watching and coaching them from theirContinue reading “Why are you so right?”

The space that matters

In a very fulfilling week I had the opportunity to meet with four different people who found themselves in very distressful situations. As they described their series of misfortune I soon realised how isolated and helpless they must have felt. In summary they recently faced diagnoses of severe mental conditions, loss of loved ones, lossContinue reading “The space that matters”

Are laws necessary?

Why did we receive the law? Seems so unnecessary. Why make life difficult? Why create human beings to live and then limit them again? Why look for ways to punish people? Why develop a constitution, criminal acts, childcare acts, labour laws? Why train people as officers to enforce these laws? The jails are overflowing already.Continue reading “Are laws necessary?”