The space that matters

In a very fulfilling week I had the opportunity to meet with four different people who found themselves in very distressful situations. As they described their series of misfortune I soon realised how isolated and helpless they must have felt. In summary they recently faced diagnoses of severe mental conditions, loss of loved ones, lossContinue reading “The space that matters”

Are laws necessary?

Why did we receive the law? Seems so unnecessary. Why make life difficult? Why create human beings to live and then limit them again? Why look for ways to punish people? Why develop a constitution, criminal acts, childcare acts, labour laws? Why train people as officers to enforce these laws? The jails are overflowing already.Continue reading “Are laws necessary?”

God loves you

The greatest commandment is to love. I thought it’s important to examine ourselves whether we truly now what love is; and is not. Jesus explained so clearly how His relationship with the Father worked and demonstrated what our love should look like. It is like this chain of love that was started by God –Continue reading “God loves you”

Rebirth is a metamorphosis

Rebirth is more than a Re-attempt to live the right way; it’s more than trying to Change from a bad person to a good person or being Relabelled as a believer rather than a sinner. It’s not Praying longer, Trying harder, or Singing louder. It is a Funeral followed by the Birth of a brandContinue reading “Rebirth is a metamorphosis”