Rebirth is a metamorphosis

After repentance starts the process of being born again…

Rebirth is more than a

Re-attempt to live the right way; it’s more than trying to

Change from a bad person to a good person or being

Relabelled as a believer rather than a sinner. It’s not

Praying longer,

Trying harder, or

Singing louder. It is a

Funeral followed by the

Birth of a brand new life; a

Metamorphosis from one being to

Another being; one story to

Another story; one way of viewing yourself and everything else to

Another – new perspective. Like a light

Switched on, revealing things previously hidden. It is as

real as a moth viewing itself as a caterpillar in larval stage and then

Flying away, knowing it is something

Different. It can distinguish when thoughts of a caterpillar re-

Emerges, but then realizes he has wings and need no longer think or do as his old larval state of being. He has a

New identity;

New family;

New future. It is a process that starts in death and ends in a new abundant




Published by Reënloper

Songwriter, Health Care Worker, Wanna-be Adventurer, Sold out for Christ

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